Application & Products

Proteogen has been the most preferred partner for the scientific fraternity by extending support in the field of life science research consumables and instrumentation.

Genomics Promega IDT BIO-RAD Dharmacon
Proteomics Promega BIO-RAD
Immunology BD Promega BIO-RAD
Cell signaling and analysis BD Promega
Cell Differentiation and Stem cell biology BD Promega

Drug discovery screening assays Promega BD Falcon
ADME support Promega BD Falcon
Genetic Identity Promega BIO-RAD    
Molecular Diagnostics Promega BD   BIO-RAD
Custom oligo synthesis IDT      

Cell culture media, Serum & plastic ware

Western Blotting BIO-RAD      
Mass Spec Sample preparation        
Laboratory equipments Proteogen

PCR, qPCR and Next gen sequencing Bioline BIO-RAD    
Liquid handling, PCR, qPCR plasticware Sorenson BIO-RAD ABDOS/BRAND  
Flow cytometry and Imaging BD


ECM coated & speciality surfaces, reagents/media for
primary and stem cell culture.

ADME research

Corning Promega    
Multiplexing ELISAs QUANSYS      
Macromolecule & particle Conjugation, nano-research.        
Lab safety and hygiene Halyard